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Loki x Reader - Sing it Loud
I set the camera on my laptop ready and facing me and my (two fav colors) room on the coffee table before quickly connecting it through the system to the computer outside Loki's prison in the tower for my daily show I always link personally to him as his only entertainment since his imprisonment. Ever since I accidentally set off the mike in my room unknowingly last month, he had heard me sing and asked for more so here I am, continuing the live show for him. Placing my wireless speaker on the coffee table and getting my phone ready to start the music, I started the camera and quickly ran back to my place behind my (color) couch.
"Can you see and hear me alright?" I asked once the camera on Loki's end turned on to reveal him standing close to the glass with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.
"Yes love, now are you sure Stark won't catch on to what you are doing?"
"Relax, I've been doing this for over a month and haven't got caught, Yet. Besides, I got both his and mom's brains s
:iconrubyelizabeth:rubyelizabeth 66 5
Loki x Reader: TBBWAGP Prolouge
Prologue: It Runs Through Her Veins
       December. It had never seemed colder to you. You were at a point in your life where everything seemed like it was spinning. You had contemplated what you were even doing with your life. You lay on the bed silently looking out the view of your window. 99 floors high would have seemed much too high for many of the people you knew, but you had grown accustomed to it.
       Yeah, you had friends. Lots of friends. But none of them had ever cared. At 18 years old, you had followed closely in your father’s footsteps, getting good grades and learning how to build things. But to be honest, you didn’t want to be like your dad. You wanted to sing. You never had told anyone about that dream of yours, nor had you told your parents. You knew that none of them would take you seriously. They would probably say, “Your dad is Iron Man, and you want to SING?! Ha-ha you are a funny one, _____.” You
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 97 20
Young and Beautiful (Loki x Reader oneshot)
Loki was reading in the living room of Stark tower, where he had been living for the past two years after he changed for the better. In that time he had come to love a certain mortal girl who worked for SHEILD. (y/n). He loved everything about her. The way she could light up a room by just standing in it. The way she made him feel better by just smiling at him. The way she loved every aspect of him. Flaws and Jotun in all. The fallen prince was snapped out of his reverie and thoughts by the sound of piano notes and a beautiful voice drifting from down the hall.
I've seen the world done it all
Had my cake now
He recognized the voice to be that of his beloved (y/n) and was curious as to what she was singing.
Diamonds brilliant, in Bel Air now
Hot summer nights mid July
He had never heard this song anywhere before but so far he enjoyed it. He followed the melody to a room that had a piano in it. Sure enough, (y/n) was sitting at the bench playing the lovely tune as she s
:iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 159 58
Top or Bottom? (StevexReader) One-Shot
It was a typical Sunday night of you and the other Avengers sitting around in a large table talking to one another. Sunday was the day you all got together to hang out and just tell each other what you had been doing this past week. After all the information had been exchanged and everyone was caught up with each other's lives, that's when the fun started. Tony of course cracked lots of jokes as well as Clint and Thor stuffed his face while Steve was learning new slang with each sentence that left everyone's mouth. Natasha and Bruce had both loosened up but that was probably because of the beer they were drinking. You of course were playing along with Clint and Tony, making jokes of your own. 
Then an idea came to your head. A certain topic that you could all talk about. You had done it before with your friends and sure enough it would be fun to talk about it with your Avenger besties.
"So...." You began with a mischievous smile. "You guys want to play a guessing game?"
"What kind
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 1,199 239
Family First - CastielxReader (Contest Entry)
Castiel twisted the blade in the witch's chest and withdrew it quickly, his sharp blue eyes following the body as it dropped. He looked up at (Name) and noticed your attention was taken by something else. Two small human children stood before you, too large clothes draped over the small bodies.
"(Name)?" Castiel's voice was loud in the silence of the warehouse where the witch had been performing her rituals only moments before.
"I think we need a holiday." You muttered looking down at the young versions of Sam and Dean, the last victims of the witch's spell.
The spell lasted three days so you called Bobby and informed the older hunter of your intentions while Sam and Dean were unable to hunt. The hunter was pissed to say the least but having a pair of seven year olds, who were currently chasing each other around yelling about demons, hunting was an accident waiting to happen.
Finally, with not much help from Castiel, (Name) got the two boys strapped in the car both clad in
:icondawnbells:DawnBells 343 41
*What I Wish You Knew* Germany X Reader
(( Comment please! I love all my comments and read all of them even if I don't reply! NOTICE!: This is from the POV of Germany's man diary. ))
June 24, 2013.
I have received a letter from (Name), it has been so long since I last saw her as a child. She was coming to Germany in July and wanted to meet with me. Of course I accepted and even invited her to stay with me. I have mixed feelings of this visit though. When I think about her coming I feel so funny. My heart gets this odd pain and starts to throb... I can't explain it. In any case I look forward to seeing her once more. Who knows what she is like now? Is she anything like the little girl I knew so well. She was so tiny and sweet. 'Luddy' 'Prince' she had all kinds of names for me. I remember when we use to play like I was her Prince and she was my Princess. We were so silly and naive. I regret leaving to join the military when I was just old enough to. I still remember how long she sobbed in my teenage arms when
:iconlady0red:Lady0Red 429 195
Mature content
These shivers (2P!Germanyxreader)(adults only) :iconophelias-last-kiss:Ophelias-Last-Kiss 215 40
The Beilschmidt Gene (2P!Germany x Reader)
Tom was in trouble. Yes Tom, her good little boy. ________ little quiet baby was in trouble at school and for once it wasn’t his brother. Mrs. Stevens, his teacher, was waiting in the classroom. She wanted to see both parents.
“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Beilschmidt, thank you for meeting with me today. I’m here to discuss Thomas with you,”
“Ja, what is it?” said Lutz looking at his son. He sank lower in his seat.
“It’s nothing serious but it has becoming a bit of a problem. He’s a quiet young man, excellent student and has given me no gray hairs, compared to Franz. But lately, he’s been pinching a certain area,”
“Certain area?”
“Thomas, do you mind, leaving the room for a few moments sweetheart?” Tom looked at his parents and hopped off the chair and scampered outside. Mrs. Stevens looked at them, “He’s been pinching and slapping behinds,”
“W-What?” said _________
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 714 409
Mountain Dew and Anime (2p!Canada x Reader)
There are a bunch of swears here, so if you don't like swearing I wouldn't recommend it.
"Try and take my lunch money again you little bitch! I dare your ass to!" You yelled as you kicked the guy who had stolen your money. You slammed him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach. "I bet you want me to starve to death so I can stop kicking your ass!" Quite a feat since you were like 5 inches shorter than him and way lighter.
Matthieu watched from a distance in admiration. Damn, this tiny little thing beat up a guy three times bigger than her.
"Do you want me to stop? Huh? Bitch say something or I'm gonna keep going!" You yelled with another kick. "This is why you don't mess with the fucking crazy ones! Maybe I'm quiet but for all you know I could be plotting your very demise!"
Ooh, he liked this one.
He just stood there in awe, watching as you beat this guy up after stealing your money for like the millionth time while he begged for mercy. It was always the same person, and you'd fin
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 1,345 498
The Easy Breast Tutorial by Nuei
Mature content
The Easy Breast Tutorial :iconnuei:Nuei 4,833 314
Scary Movie - Animation by Zweri Scary Movie - Animation :iconzweri:Zweri 1,221 342 My Sweet Devil Alfred by mikai02 My Sweet Devil Alfred :iconmikai02:mikai02 215 44 better now by kuroneko3132 better now :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 703 240 Akemi Vogue by akemi713 Akemi Vogue :iconakemi713:akemi713 5 8




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